Bia Bliss is a Pleasure & Embodiment Coach, Somatic Sexologist, former escort, and student of life. The learnings and breakthroughs Bia has experienced on her journey of self-healing and self-discovery have deeply inspired her to share her passion for sexual & emotional wholeness and embodied awakening with others. Bia’s work directly addresses sexual & emotional healing, self-love,  sexual empowerment, and awakening personal inner truths.

Bia’s story:

I grew up in Brazil, in a highly sexualized culture. The messages I was given growing up were very contradictory and women were expected to act like a lady at all times, except in the bedroom. I’ve felt sexual urges from a young age, and from age 15 onwards I began acting on them. Over the years I’ve had hundreds of unfulfilling sexual encounters with dozens of partners.  Until one day I decided to monetize my sexual appetite.

 In 2011 I became an escort. I felt empowered to be paid while having unfulfilling sex. Sad, I know. Even though I was having a lot of sexual experiences with different people,  I was still dissatisfied. With my work as an escort, I learned so much about men, sex, desires, and what goes on in the underworld of sexuality.  I knew there was more to sexuality than what I was getting. I also learned about myself, my triggers, and my childhood wounds, expecting a man to “save me” from my misery. Most importantly, I learned it was about QUALITY and not quantity!

Since my healing journey started in 2013, when I discovered conscious sexuality and embodiment practices, I found them more effective than traditional talk therapies. The effects were so profound on my psyche in such a short period of time, that I chose to abandon my psychology degree studies to pursue a career in holistic sexual healing & empowerment instead, training as a Sexological Bodyworker, and Embodiment Counsellor. I have attended dozens of conscious sexuality workshops and retreats since 2016, and I have worked with several holistic practitioners as a client.

The results of this healing quest have taught me how to love myself, accept & love my body, honour my body’s boundaries & desires, to be more authentic when it comes to sexuality and life in general.  I have released shame, guilt and limiting beliefs relating to social & cultural conditioning around sexuality. This has enabled me to interact with the world in a healthier, more positive manner. I now stand in my power and in my truth. 

Fast forward to 2022, I live a life of freedom, full of joy, purpose and commitment to help others to liberate themselves, and embrace life with the enthusiasm and innocence of a child again, through the Pleasure Awakening practices.”

We all have desires around sexuality, but very few people are willing to admit it openly.  There is so much societal conditioning around sex, religious influences, shame, guilt and cultural programming.
I am here to create a safe and non-judgmental space for you to explore your edges around sexuality and liberate yourself.

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