How would it feel if you:

✔️ had access to more pleasure and orgasmic energy?
✔️ felt empowered around your sexuality?
✔️ had a clearer understanding of your desires, boundaries, and fears around sexuality?
✔️ had better relationship communication tools?
✔️ had more confidence around sex and intimacy?

If you think like me, it would feel empowering to experience one or more of the above.
My deepest desire is for you to overcome any sexual challenges that you may have, and experience next-level intimacy, love, and pleasure, in and out of the bedroom.



1:1 Coaching Sessions are tailored to fulfil your unique needs, including but not limited to the following:

Just for HIM
– Overcome premature ejaculation
New & improved masturbation and lovemaking skills
– Bye-bye porn addiction and lame orgasms
Pleasure MasterClass Online Course

Just for HER
– Unlock your pleasure potential with the Pleasure Awakening Online Course


Outcomes may include:

🎯 A clearer understanding of your authentic desires
🎯 Better communication tools
🎯 Removal of sexual blocks, shame and guilt
🎯 Increased access to pleasure
🎯 Better orgasms
🎯 Deepened capacity for intimacy with self and others
🎯 Clearer boundaries
🎯 Growth in your sexuality, relationships, and life


I provide a warm, safe and supportive space to help you explore and overcome the causes of your sexual dissatisfaction.
Sessions are available ONLINE only, to clients located anywhere in the world via Zoom, from the comfort of your own home!

Are you ready to shamelessly reclaim your pleasure?


4 tips for next-level sex

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