For Pleasure

…….Erotic Massage for pleasure explores the range of sensation that is possible, waking the neural network and pathways to pleasure. Such touch can assist us in bringing aliveness to this core part of our selves, expanding the capacity for feeling, and giving erotic energy an honoured role in our bodies and our lives. When experiencing full-body touch without having to be concerned about a partner’s pleasure, the person receiving reaches a deep state of internal awareness. It creates deeper feelings and sensations in the body, making you feel as if you are in a trance state. The entire body tingles!

…….All Erotic Massage for pleasure offerings begin with a breathing exercise. This will allow the energy to flow and you will become more relaxed in my presence. Then you will lie down on your stomach, fully nude and have your eyes closed. You will receive a full body massage with very gentle strokes. Once the sexual energy is spread evenly throughout the body, the focus will be on the genitals, with occasional sweeps up and down your body, to distribute and balance energy, and to integrate the sensations.

…….Erotic Massage for pleasure sessions can be either 60, 90 or 120 minutes..

“With sexual stimulation we produce a cascade of powerful endorphins that build a feeling of bliss. This is the biochemistry of ecstasy”. – Caffyn Jesse, CSB

Yoni Healing Massage - just for her

Yoni massage provides emotional healing, deep relaxation, sensual pleasure and a form of safe sex to a woman. Yoni Healing Massage is intended as a pleasurable and agenda-less journey of self-discovery, without the obligation to respond in a particular way.

Taoist Erotic Massage - for him & her

Taoist Erotic Massage includes prolonged and creative genital stimulation. Recipients are encouraged to breathe deeply, relaxing into the sensation. The massage is typically climaxed with a staccato breathing pattern, a full-body clench and release, and a period of meditation.

For partners, sharing this practice can be deeply bonding, allowing those with divergent desires to meet in a place of bliss.

Rosebud (Anal) Massage - for him & her

Since the rosebud (anus) has more nerve endings than the head of a penis, it deserves attention! Your lower back, sit bones, inner thighs and buttocks will be massaged, then your beautiful rosebud, with a series of strokes that will certainly make you want more! It is deeply relaxing and pleasurable.

It can be combined with Yoni Massage, Taoist Erotic Massage, and Lingam Massage

Lingam Massage - just for him

Lingam (penis) massage allows men to connect with the body and surrender to the touch. This is where men learn to relax and to receive, without having to give anything in return.

The Lingam is gently touched, in a series of strokes. These strokes are repeated over and over during the session, with 30 seconds break between the series, to maximise pleasure and build up sexual energy. Ejaculation is not the goal of the Lingam massage, although it is welcomed and it is usually a pleasant side-effect.