Welcome to Pleasure Awakening Revolution

✨ What is your definition of pleasure?
✨ What if you could experience pleasure anytime, anywhere, without external stimuli?
✨ What if you knew that to ignite your bliss requires very simple exercises and practices that can have amazing long term effects in your life, well-being, relationships and connections.

Would you do be curious to know more?

We live in a busy world, and have forgotten how to fill up our own cup. People are constantly chasing the next thing that hopefully it will bring them pleasure. It is a never ending pursuit that doesn’t end very well.

But if we listen close enough, our being is calling us to return our attention inward and to come home to our own beloved within. Coming home to yourself and activating your OWN source of pleasure is the foundation in which this entire experience of self-love is based on. We have all the resources we need in order to fill up out own cup.

✨ What is the Pleasure Awakening Revolution?✨

⚡️ It is an experiential immersion of Pleasure Awakening, inspired in the teachings of Joseph Kramer and Orgasmic Yoga, where you learn how to access these forgotten realms of self-love from within your own body and achieve states of joy, self love, and bliss by using breath, sound and movement.

⚡️ Rooted in Tantric philosophy practices, the Pleasure Awakening exercises will give you an insight into the power of what is possible when it comes to pleasure, by awakening and activating feelings of real love for yourself, and for life.

⚡️ When you do the practices regularly, your whole life opens up. You become more in tune with your body, with your surroundings and you have the ability to meet life with a full cup. You are able to experience more pleasure, joy, ease, and bliss.

✨ What is the catch? Sounds too simple and too good to be true!✨

You are right. There is a catch!
You need to practice daily, for the first 5 weeks, to reap the benefits of the practice long term. But even if you only do it once, I guarantee you will experience bliss in ways you never experienced before.

Most people have forgotten long ago what it was like to experience joy, ease and bliss in their bodies, and in life in general. 

After being introduced to the Pleasure Awakening practices, either working with me 1:1, attending the workshop or doing the online 10-day challenge, these folks have experienced another level of appreciation and zest for life.

Pleasure Awakening Revolution is offered in the following formats

⚡️ Online and in person Playshops. See events page for the next upcoming Playshop

What people are saying about Pleasure Awakening

Thank you for the workshop you presented at Resolution 🙂 To me, it’s like all your words are magic and I am totally mesmerised by it because of how much I can see self love is the answer to so much for me, I had been so full of hate, doubt and disrespect of myself. I could see the roots of my issues but was so stuck on how to heal – I’d tried everything and then bam – your workshop just hit me in that spot and everything just fell into place. You taught me how to make eye contact and now the starting of real self love. ” – Dianna Kay.